The Cell was the first topic that we were introduced to in this course. I know what all of you all maybe thinking….Cells. That easy man! I was learning that since form 1!! Yes you were learning cells from form 1, but did you know half the things you know now!  The concepts introduced by Mr Mattews on the topic of cells were quite familiar to me, but from the video, class and tutorial (which I would blog about a little later), provided me with a much deeper understanding of cells. The material on the video was presented in a way that I could easily follow and distinguish certain concepts and allowed me to conceptualize what was being taught much clearer than before. The main points I took home from this topic included:

  • Differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells
  • The main organelles of both plant and animal cells and their functions
  • Differences between plant and animal cells

 Overall the topic on cells was indeed a great one! 


Every second is precious!




The picture says it all! WOW! TIME REALLY FLY! I cannot believe that we are already at the end of  WEEK 4!! Time is already leaving me behind on my blog posts! Things have been so hectic over these past weeks, focusing on four other level II/III courses is tough, paired with Biochemistry! Phew! All I can remember doing since I created my blog is labs, quizzes, in course exams, tutorial sheets and long nights and weekends sitting doing school related stuff! Well I could honestly say I relaxed most of this Carnival. 

But now it’s back to business, every second is precious, so I have now dedicated this weekend to update my blog and keep on top of things!  Wish me good luck bloggers! 

Just simple me :)

HELLO WORLD! My name is Saira Persad. I am twenty years of age. I live in the beautiful twin island state of Trinidad and Tobago, and I am currently a second year student of the University of the West Indies, where I am currently pursuing a double major in Biology and Environmental and Natural Resource Management. Besides school, I am a family oriented person and I spend a lot of time with my family and close friends. At the moment I don’t really engage in a given hobby, because I can’t seem to find enough time between school, family and studying. I love the outdoors, especially the beach and just spending time relaxing in nature away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I’m also an animal lover and I feel very strongly against animal cruelty. I would love to volunteer and give back to society, in the near future. I think that’s enough about me now, on to the Biochemistry.

Biochemistry, oh my! The experience I had with this course in year one was absolutely horrendous! No I’m not exaggerating! Some of you may be wondering how I could have failed this first year introductory biology course. Don’t get me wrong I love Biochemistry to an extent, but I would openly admit the reason I believe I failed the course was due to the way it was delivered. I honestly had no interest. I am not going to “bad mouth” any one, but I would simply say that the course was not taught in a manner that would encourage students to “like”, “gain interest” or “understand”, what was being taught. I know that my experience this time around would be different, because from day one our class was full of life and excitement as Mr. Matthews had our attention for the entire time and was able to engage us into what we are getting into for the next few weeks. He gave me hope this time! I know this time I would pass, hopefully with an A++++++! Honestly I’m excited for the next few weeks!

Till next time bloggers!